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Rhinestone & Pearl-Style Hair Clips

Your hair deserves the best, and there’s nothing better than a pair of rhinestone or pearl-style barrettes to make your luscious locks stand out even more! They’re crafted from durable materials for longevity and offer a comfortable hold throughout the day. Choose one of these elegant hair accessories for $24.99, and add a touch of glam to every outfit!


Hair Type
Fabulous Frill Pearl Hair Clip
for any 2 products.
Buttercup Pearl Hair Clip
for any 2 products.
Fiona Fox Pearl Hair Clip
for any 2 products.
Fairytale Swans Pearl Hair Clip
for any 2 products.
Callie’s Barette Pearl Hair Clip
for any 2 products.
Jane’s Barette Pearl Hair Clip
for any 2 products.

Pearl-Style & Rhinestone Hair Clip

Take your whole look from ordinary to extraordinary by adding a pearl-style clip to your hairstyle. Create a sophisticated, side-swept look with single or double pearl-style hair clips for a chic style, finish your low ponytail by clipping a rhinestone barrette right above the hair tie, or accent your braids by using these clips to secure sections in place.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are pearl-style clips suitable for all hair types?

Yes, our pearl-style hair accessories are designed to offer a secure and comfortable hold on various hair types, including fine, thick, curly, or straight hair. However, please consider your hair type, and choose suitable clips.

Can I wear pearl-style clips on casual occasions?

Of course! Pearl-style clips are an appropriate choice for both casual and formal settings, as they elevate your outfit without seeming over-the-top. Ensure you choose styles that compliment your look!

Do rhinestone hair clips tarnish?

Most accessories made of metal and jewels get tarnished over time. However, you can delay it by keeping your rhinestone clips away from moisture and chemicals and wiping them down after every use.

Affordable, High-Quality Hair Accessories

At Hariette’s Bun-Bun, we specialize in creating stylish pearl-style hair clips, hair combs, and other hair accessories that aren’t just high-quality but also accessible and comfortable. We create the designs in-house and choose the finest materials, including Czech rhinestone crystals, to craft these fashion-forward accessories. If you want to add a personal touch to any of our designs or order in bulk, please leave us a message!