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Butterfly Hair Clips

You take great care of your hair so show off your shiny locks by adorning them with one of our beautiful butterfly barrettes! Made with high-quality materials and rhinestones, these butterfly-inspired, beautiful hair clips aren’t just fashionable but also durable and comfortable. Order any 2 of your choice for just $34.99 now!



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Bella Butterfly Hair Clips
for any 2 products.
Betty Butterfly Hair Clips
for any 2 products.
Burst O’Butterflies Hair Clips
for any 2 products.
Harmony’s Decorative Hair Combs
for any 2 products.

High-Quality Butterfly Hair Accessories

These butterfly clips from Hariette’s Bun-Bun are fantastic for special occasions, but their versatility extends beyond to cover your everyday looks, as well. Whether you're heading to school, work, or meeting friends, you can style your hair with one of these decorative hair clips to give it an instant makeover and dazzle everyone. Explore now!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are butterfly hair clips made of?

Only the finest of materials such as Czech rhinestones. These butterfly clips are flexible while featuring a durable construction that prevents them from bending or breaking, making them an excellent investment.

How to style hair using butterfly clips?

You can secure half-up hairstyles, accentuate ponytails, or add a decorative touch to braids or updos with these butterfly clips. Experiment with different styles and combinations until you’re satisfied with the look!

Can adults wear butterfly clips?

Of course! No rule says otherwise! Butterfly hair accessories from Hariette’s Bun-Bun feature elegant designs and boast a high-quality construction that makes them suitable for all ages.

Durable & Comfortable Butterfly Hair Clips

At Hariette’s Bun-Bun, we excel at combining fashion with comfort and durability. Our pearl-style & rhinestone hair clips, decorative hair combs, and other hair accessories are crafted from a selection of the best materials. Some of them are even made with Czech rhinestone crystals! The hinges are strong, and you can wear them comfortably for long hours. Shop our unique and affordable hair accessories now!