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Decorative Hair Combs

A hair comb is the easiest way to up your hair game and make yourself look more put together. At Hariette’s Bun-Bun, we have cute rhinestone hair combs for every day of the week, whether you’re looking for something simple and elegant or extra eye-catching. Explore the collection now and add a touch of glamor to your everyday or special occasion looks with these beautiful hair accessories!



Hair Type



Amy’s decorative Hair Combs
for any 2 products.
The Bedazzler women's Hair Comb
for any 2 products.
Selina Sparkler Decorative Comb
for any 2 products.
Make a Splash women's Hair comb
for any 2 products.
Belinda Butterfly Hair comb
for any 2 products.

Hair Comb Accessories Crafted With Care

Whether you’re shopping for decorative hair combs for yourself or someone else, rest assured knowing you’re making a great choice. We craft these hair combs and all of our decorative hair clips using high-quality materials and rhinestone gems, ensuring every minute detail is brought to life with only the finest materials. Buy any 2 hair accessories from our website now for just $34.99!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are hair combs made of?

Our hair combs are crafted using a variety of materials, including high-quality materials, rhinestone jewels, Czech rhinestone crystals, and decorative beads, ensuring durability and elegance.

How to choose the right type of hair comb for my hair type?

If you have fine hair or short hair, then smaller combs will offer a better grip on your hair. If you have thicker and longer hair, then go for the slightly larger combs.

Do I need to clean my hair comb accessory after using it?

Wiping down your hair comb with a soft cloth is recommended to remove any buildup or residue that may affect its appearance. Avoid exposing them to water or harsh chemicals though.

Customize Your Decorative Hair Combs

Like one of our hair comb designs but wish it had an extra detail or two? Perhaps a different color, a bigger size, or a different material? At Hariette’s Bun-Bun, we’re always happy to customize any item you like according to your preference or even create a new design just for you! Contact us about our custom hair clips & accessories to get started!