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BUN~BUN’s site has been designed to be totally hassle-free.

The site is innovative in software and service and this starts with putting choice back where it belongs – in YOUR hands.

Pick any 2 items on the site (and that includes 2 of the same if you prefer) and all you pay is just one price….$32.22 for the two including shipping, handling, and delivery to your door. All you pay is $32.22 – that’s it and that’s all! PLUS PLUS PLUS +++ BUN~BUN will send you totally free BUN~BUN as a gift when you place an order for your birthday!

Just so you know (and so that it’s crystal clear), if you want to buy more than 2, each additional piece will be just $16.11 each (still including delivery to your door, and each piece comes with its own custom jewelry bag).

No one else does this, so how does it work? It’s simple – because we deal direct and have streamlined overhead costs, we can pass on these savings in the form of giving you free reign to choose your favorite items without worrying about individual costing and budgeting. You choose what you want when you want.

And there’s one more thing – if you have bulk orders (for parties, or schools, or teams, or fundraising), contact us at BSL@harietteshare.com and we can help with further discounts. And, if you want customized personalized orders for birthdays or other parties, schools, teams, companies etc., just email your inquiry with as much detail as possible to BSL@harietteshare.com

So, shop away – your Beautiful Hair Day starts NOW!