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Make a Splash women's Hair comb

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3 $44.99 $14.99 ea
4 $54.99 $13.75 ea
5 $64.99 $12.99 ea

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Bun~Bun’s Basics
High Quality Czech Rhinestones
Size: 13cm x 6.8cm
Every product comes with its own genuine custom BUN~BUN-imprinted velvet carry bag.


As we stated multiple times in the site, all Bun~Bun orders are shipped prepaid and include all shipping charges, duties, and taxes. Obviously, due to the nature of the products, we cannot accept returns due to hygienic reasons – but, to assure you of quality satisfaction, all products are individually inspected both after the production process and also before shipping; as well, every item is placed in its own imprinted velvet pouch (our gift to you) and then wrapped in bubblewrap and then placed in an imprinted Bun~Bun bubble-padded envelope. Upon receipt of the order and, in the highly unlikely event that there is any damage, please send us pictures of the outside envelope (front & back) and also a picture of the item, along with a brief description of the problem. Send the information within 24 hours of receipt, please to order.desk@harietteshare.com


Nothing will give us greater pleasure here at Bun~Bun to make sure that your delivery reaches you in the least amount of time possible. To that end, every effort will be taken; we carry large inventory and will ship immediately. But please understand that occasionally, due to delivery disruptions, there may be delays. If you have any questions about your order, we want to hear from you – please just email us at package.tracking@harietteshare.com

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