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Hairstyles & Hair Clips for Fine Hair

fine hair braided with a snap clip

The Best Hairstyles for Fine Hair

Finding the right hairstyles and accessories can be tough, especially if you have super-fine hair that slips through every clip and snap. Whether you want to create volume with clips that highlight your layered style or accent your go-to hairstyles with a sparkling accessory, Hariette’s Bun-Bun can help! If you’re ready to try something new, check out these best hairstyles for fine hair — along with the top hair clips for fine hair!

1. Clipped Back Side Part

side part with hair clips

Sometimes, the easiest style to create is your natural side part that is brushed and fluffed to the perfect volume. If you want to hold your bangs out of your face or create an asymmetrical look with more volume on one side or the other, snap clips are your best friends!

For this look, simply pull back the strands you want clipped and gather them with the rest of your hair. You want to run the clip as close as possible to your scalp for a secure hold before snapping it down into place. As someone with thinner strands, the ideal hair clips for fine hair may be a little smaller than you expect. Choose smaller snap clips with a thicker bottom portion to get a better hold.

2. Low Bun with a Duck Clip

sleek low bun with hair clips

If you love the messy bun look, but you haven’t managed to master this style with hairpins, a large duck clip could be the solution. Try out this hairstyle with hair clips for fine hair when you pull back your hair as you normally do (parted or slick-back) and twist it around into a bun. Press the messy bun against the back of your head and slide the bottom half of a duck clip as close as possible to your scalp, with the top portion over the rest of the bun.

We recommend sliding the duck clip into place from top to bottom, but if it feels too long and it’s poking you in the back of the neck, you can clip it in place diagonally. The most important portion of hair that you need to secure with this style is the tail end of your bun. You also want to make sure you catch the bun along with the slicked-back portion of your hair so it all holds together.

3. French Twist with a Claw Clip

claw clip for fine hair french twist

The claw clip French twist is one of the best hairstyles for fine hair because it’s super quick and easy to put together. It also ensures you look sophisticated, even if a few wisps escape the clip. Medium and large-sized claw clips are great for gathering all your hair in place and tightly woven teeth in the claw are essential in hair clips for fine hair!

Twist your hair into the French style vertically along your head. Brush one side of the open claw clip against the side of your head to catch your slicked-back hair until it bumps up against the twist. Now, without moving this first touch point, reach as far as possible to the other side of the twist and allow the teeth on the other side to gather up the rest of your hair. Squeeze the clip completely closed around the twist to ensure it’s as tight as possible.

4. Half Up with a Barrette

half-up hairdo with clips

Because you have finer hair, you can use some of the most beautiful girl’s barrettes to create hairstyles that others can’t. Because you have finer hair, there is less volume preventing hair clips for fine hair from closing and securing your hair in place. 

For this half-up style, pull the strands at the front of your hairline back to the middle of your scalp and slide the bottom of a barrette clip under these strands without gathering up any of the rest of your hair. Try and get the clip as centered as possible before snapping it closed. You may need to experiment with how much hair to pull back to get the best hairstyle for fine hair so that it fits securely in the barrette.

5. Braided Butterfly Clips

clips braided into hair

The last of our hair clips for fine hair is the butterfly hair clip! You can use these as accents for nearly any style, but we love dispersing them throughout the curves of your braid to make it look like a small host of butterflies is fluttering through your hair. The braid won’t let these clips slip out of your hair, either!

Hariette’s Bun-Bun to the Rescue!

Whether you prefer decorative hair combs or you’re looking for hair styling essentials, Hariette’s Bun-Bun is here to help. Browse our entire store to find hair clips for fine hair that inspire you to try new styles, and discover beautiful hair clips that are designed to work with all types of hair!