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Hairstyles & Hair Clips for Curly Hair

curly girl hairstyles

The Best Ways to Style Curly Hair

Whether it’s barrettes or claw clips, adding beautiful hair accessories to curly hair and elevating your look doesn’t have to be difficult. At Hariette’s Bun-Bun, we make it easy to find inspiration for new hairstyles and shop for all the accessories you need to make these looks happen. Check out some of our favorite hairstyles and hair clips for curly hair here, and try them out for yourself today!

1. High Hair with a Claw Clip

Claw clips are some of the most versatile hair clips for curly hair to use because they come in tons of different styles and shapes that allow you to customize them to your needs. If you have a small or medium-sized claw clip, try a half-up/half-down style by gathering a triangle of hair from the top third of your head and pulling it back evenly. Use the claw clip to secure the gathered hair at the back of your head. If you’re having any trouble with the strength of the clip, pull back a little less hair and try again.

2. Side Twists with Snap Clips

curly hair side braids

If you’re heading out for a night on the town and you’re looking for something more dramatic, try a twisted style that’s designed to add shape and sophistication to your face. To bring this hairstyle to life, part your hair asymmetrically and move the bulk of your hair off to the side. Section the remaining hair into three parts and twist each part from the hairline halfway to the back of your scalp. Secure each twist with a snap hair clip for curly hair to secure it in place.

You can try another spin on this design by braiding each section of hair along your scalp and clipping it into place. You can even try this style with one larger braid or twist!

3. Low Pony with Large Barrette

The best way to style curly hair for this style is with a center part where you lightly twist each half of your hair inwards toward the back of your head. Gather both sections and use a large barrette hair clip for curly hair to hold the twists and ponytail in place. We love using clips with pearl-style accents or rhinestone gems to highlight your look.

If you’re not sure the large barrette can handle all your hair, you can always tie it back with a ponytail and attach the barrette right over it to complete the look.

4. High Bun with a Comb

high bun curly hair

If you’ve got to keep your hair out of your face, one of the best ways to style curly hair is a slicked-back bun at the top of your head. You can use regular hair pins to keep the bun in place and simply stick a decorative hair comb into the bun at an angle to show off the design of the comb.

This style is a really good way to keep a simpler style from feeling bland. Your choice of comb hair clip for curly hair will add a ton of personality to your look! Keep it professional with a simple gold flower, or amp up the energy with bright colors or sparkling rhinestones.

5. Side Braid with Duck Clips

Duck hair clips for curly hair are a slightly larger version of closed hairpins that can secure larger chunks of hair without overwhelming your hairstyle. With the larger clips from Hariette’s Bun-Buns, you can accent the entire length of your side braid with flowers, butterflies, or leaves that stay in place a little more securely than your regular hairpin.

6. Space Buns with Accent Snap Clips

space buns for girls with textured hair

Our last recommended look for curly hairstyles is the space bun look with snap clip accents. You can keep it subtle with simple clips at the top of each bun, but you can also go all out with this style! Place snap clips with different colors and accents all around the buns to create a super unique pattern that truly stands out.

Shop With Us for Curly Hairstyles

At Hariettie’s Bun-Bun, we offer tons of different clip designs and configurations. In addition to designs to fit every aesthetic, we’ve also designed our clips to be compatible with all different types of hair. Whether you’ve got stick-straight locks or three different curl patterns, our clips can work for you! Let our hair clips for curly hair help you explore playful upgrades to your everyday style and inspire others to try new looks for themselves.

And if you’re looking for more of the best ways to style curly hair, check out more blog posts to find our top tips!