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Back-to-School Hair Clip Hacks: Easy Hairstyles for School Girls on the Go

space buns back to school hairstyle

Whether it’s the first day back at school, picture day, or just another day where you want to look as good as possible, finding unique and fun girl’s hairstyles for school can be a challenge. But at Hariette’s Bun-Bun, we have all the answers! You might even find some new go-to school hair accessories that are chic and versatile enough for all hair types and styles!

If you want more hairstyles for school that are easy to put together for yourself or others, check out this list of simple hair clip hacks that will elevate any back-to-school look. 

1. Low Bun With A Comb

butterfly comb with a low bun

If you’re looking for a great girl’s hairstyle for school that works for all hair types, consider the low bun. Gather the hair in a ponytail in the back and twist the bunch around the hair tie. Pin the hair in place and add a decorative hair comb, like our cute butterfly cluster, for a little something extra!

There are so many variations on the low bun that we promise it will work for anyone. You can do this style with slick back or messy hair, and parted down the center or off to the side. You can even pull the bun to the side so it sits right under the ear! If you really want to amp up this style, braid the hair, and then wrap it into a bun for a more intricate hairstyle for school.

2. High Bun Claw Clips

high bun clipped in place with a claw clip

When someone's hair is thinner or finer, this is the perfect, quick girl’s hairstyle for school that will stay in all day long! You can gather the hair together at the top of the head and twist it around until it coils into a bun. Then, clip the bun in place with a claw clip, like one of our bejeweled botanicals.

There are some variations on this style for girls with thicker or textured hair that still allow them to use unique school hair accessories. One way to keep your hair extra secure without relying on just one clip is to tie your hair in a ponytail and pin the bun into place before adding the claw clip as an accessory.

3. Side Clip Accent

bejeweled hair clip side braid

One of the simplest ways to create the best hairstyles for picture day is with an accent barrette. You don’t have to worry about making sure the clip keeps the hair secure. Instead, focus on creating whatever your favorite girl’s hairstyle is for school and simply add a barrette as an accent piece after it’s all done! We recommend using this style when the hair is parted and placing the pin about halfway between the part and the ear.

The most important part of this style is that you should consider a barrette with pearl-style or rhinestone jewels that will stand out among any type of hair.

4. Pinned Space Buns

space buns with textured hair and clip

We absolutely love this style for anyone who has short hair — even if it’s highly textured! Gather your hair in two ponytails on either side of your head. If you have fine, straight hair, the tails will pop out a little for an eclectic vibe. With textured hair, you’ll get something like buns without having to put in any extra effort to pin this hairstyle in place.

For the finishing touch, add a flower or animal hair clip at the base of the bun. You can have a single clip for an asymmetrical style or one clip under each bun. You might even want two different animals for your clips to show off an entire jungle in your hair!

5. Claw Clip Accent

panda claw hair clip for school

Whether you’re trying a funky new look or you want a basic updo, a claw clip can handle any school hairstyle for girls. Throw a claw clip on to keep a French twist in place, or use it to gather up a half-updo hairstyle that keeps your hair completely out of your face. 

With the beautiful hair clips from Hariette’s Bun-Bun, you can also always count on a super cute look with a playful touch. Ready to elevate any hairstyle for school? Hariette’s Bun-Bun is here to help. Shop our selection to find school hair accessories for every texture, length, and thickness of hair!